Visual Alchemist and Artist LON creates beautiful modern day Mandalas that light up children of all ages everywhere.


LON’s art is based on Sacred Geometric forms like the Flower of Life. The response the children and teens have towards geometric forms have been proven to react with the cells in the body and they have been known to literally change the mood, feel and focus for those who view and play with them.  They stimulate and inspire and can be used as visual meditation tools, to help focus and open minds to the greater potential that exists within all children everywhere.

Every Activation addresses a concept to contemplate in more depth.  Concepts like ‘Love’, ‘Healing’, ‘Compassion’, and ‘Discernment’, for instance.

LON and Kids Soul Speak collaborate to share, inspire and support the children of the world with Mandalas and Live Art Activations.  The collaboration will include a stunning clothing line and Kids Soul Speak school accessories blending the Art and Activations.

All Activations are available as stunning laminated pieces to put on the floor for your child to sit on, lay on or play on.  Of course all Activations are available to hang on the wall as well.  This powerful art will greatly support the harmony and balance in any kid’s room!

The Kids Soul Speak logo was also designed by LON.