Ricardo had a hard time leaving his dad after his parents divorce. He was bullied by kids at his new school. He developed anxiety and depression and was eventually diagnosed with ADHD and depressive anxiety disorder. Consequently he ended up on strong medication.

How old where your parents when they met and where did they meet?

My mom was in her twenties my dad was in his thirties they met on a farm they both worked in.

How old were you when your parents told you they were going to Divorce?

I was five years old.

How did they tell you or did you know it was going to happen?

I don’t remember if I was told, I didn’t know it was going to happen as I didn’t actually know what divorce was.

How did you truly feel about this decision?

I hated it but it made my mom happier than being with my dad. I don’t know why they got divorced. I try to forget it so it doesn’t upset me, it was eight years ago and it still bothers me.

How did it affect you personally, what were your deep inner thoughts?

It was a horrible experience. My mom and I moved two thousand miles away to be near her family and my dad stayed behind. I wanted them to get back together and I wanted to move back to dad, I really did.

How did this affect your home and school life?

My mom was really upset a lot and this always stressed me out. I started a new school and I got bullied everyday. There was a kid called Jimmy and when I first when to the school I tried to be friends with him but he hit me. He would always make fun of me and the way I spoke as I had a different accent and he would just hit me all the time. The school had a parachute that the kids were allowed to mess around with and I was playing with it on my own trying to lift it up and go under it. It was made of felt. When Jimmy saw me he had his friends with him. They pushed me around and then down on the ground then put the parachute on top of me, wrapping me up in it so I couldn’t move.

They dragged me around the huge school field and did things like sitting on me to stop me breathing and jumping on me, if felt like they were trying to kill me. I had just turned 6 years old and they were 7 and 8 years old. They didn’t stop until the bell rang and then I finally got free. They all ran to the principles office when they saw me crying and in a state. They made up a story saying that I had asked them to drag me around and they said that I had told them I was happy. I told the whole correct story but nothing changed. We were in all the same classes through that school and Jimmy didn’t stop bullying me.

A couple of years later I was at another new school and there was a girl who everyone was terrified of. She told me she’d get me out of that school and she made my life hell. My mom told me not to hit girls and there was no way I could stop her hitting me every day. One time she stabbed me three times in the back really viciously with a sharp pencil. The police came and they said I should leave the school as her family is violent and the bullying wouldn’t stop. I liked my new school a lot better but don’t see why I had to leave? Why didn’t the school make the bully leave, even the teachers were scared of her and her crazy family.

Where your friends supportive during the divorce?

No. I didn’t tell them.

Did you keep your connections with all your family members and Grandparents?

Yes I did and in the divorce I didn’t lose any family members.

Do you feel it was the right choice for them to divorce?

I honestly don’t know because I knew so little about their relationship. I remember them shouting in the kitchen when I was watching ‘Sponge Bob’ once. I don’t think if they had stayed together they would be happy because they never seemed happy.