“Kids Of Divorce”

by Danielle Henderson NLP Prac. C.H. DIP 

Kids and teens around the world share their personal stories of the big stuff that affects their lives. Adults, parents, and family members will learn from the Soul Speak of children, who in their own words share how divorce, change, loss, magic, healing, beauty and other life changing experiences affect them. They are the masters of today, the ones that will lead the next generation and those that come after them. This, in the first of many ‘Kids Soul Speak’ books follows the lives and documents true stories from kids and teens of all ages who openly share their inner thoughts and feelings surrounding their parent’s divorce. How did the break up of their parents really affect them on a deep level? Do they blame themselves? Do they see their grandparents as a result? How do they cope with two rooms and two homes? Are both parents still present in their lives? If not, why not and what does that mean to them?

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